Mecaer Aviation Group Wins Contract to Design and Manufacture PiperJet Landing Gear System

Borgomanero, Italy – July 20, 2010. Italy-based Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) has used its experience in building light-jet, turbo-prop and helicopter landing gears to become exclusive supplier to world renowned Piper Aircraft for PiperJet’s complete undercarriage system.

With gear assemblies to be delivered to Piper Aircraft in Vero Beach, Florida, Mecaer is responsible for the design, engineering, certification, system integration and production of the complete ‘bolt-on’ systems, comprising main and nose gears, electro-mechanical actuators, emergency release, wheels, brakes and tires.

Several aircraft programs (rotary and fixed wing) including the AgustaWestland AW109, AW169, Bell 429, Eclipse E500, Diamond D-Jet and TAI’s Trainer Hürkuº, already employ Mecaer’s landing gear systems.

MAG general manager of business development, Armando Sassoli, said, “This contract firmly establishes our company into the world of business aviation as a critical supplier-partner. Our long history and reputation designing and building landing gears for helicopter programs, as well as VLJ and other applications, was very important to our PiperJet win. This contract continues our history of success; it is truly a vision coming true. We are proud to announce this most recent reaffirmation of our strengths in an ever more competitive arena.’’

Piper Aircraft president and CEO, Kevin Gould, said, “As a leader in the general aviation industry, we work very hard to ensure top quality, delivery, support and cooperation from all our suppliers. Mecaer meets these standards and understands our critical needs, and we are pleased to have Mecaer on the PiperJet team.’’

Follow-on service, parts and support will be set in place concurrent with customer location and need, in close cooperation with Piper Aircraft.

MAG director of engineering, Giorgio Cozzolino, said, “We recognize the importance of a solid landing gear design, and strive to meet the high quality demands of our customers with every gear we produce. Undercarriage designs must be robust yet as light as possible, to enhance the overall efficiency of the airplane.”

About Piper Aircraft, Inc.

Piper Aircraft Inc. is headquartered in Vero Beach, Fla. Piper’s rich aviation legacy is born of 72 years of unparalleled history, with almost 150,000 aircraft brought to market and more than 160 certified models. Approximately 90,000 of those aircraft are flying today and being serviced and supported on every continent by Piper’s 65 service centers, 27 dealers and 2,500 field personnel. Piper is the only general aviation manufacturer to build and offer aircraft for every general aviation mission, from trainers and high-performance aircraft for personal and business use to turbine-powered business aircraft and the PiperJet. For more information about Piper Aircraft and its authorized service centers, visit

About Mecaer Aviation Group

Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) is a leading international provider of solutions for aircraft landing systems, aircraft modifications and completions, MRO services in the helicopter, business aviation and general aviation markets.

The Group has three operating divisions, Actuation & Landing Systems, MRO & Services, Modifications and Completions, with many approvals and qualifications from regulatory agencies, Government organizations, industry and customers.

MAG offers complete solutions from its broad range of in-house capabilities, with a long-term strategy and life-cycle approach that makes it a trusted partner of so many customers worldwide and a reliable performer for industry leaders.

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