B-17 Flying Fortress at the Dane County Regional Airport-Madison, WI

The most fully restored B-17 Flying Fortress SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY a World War II vintage bomber airplane will fly into Dane County Regional Airport-Truax Field, offering the public an up-close and personal look at this unique piece of aviation history. The public is invited to tour this airplane–inside and out. There’s even the opportunity for some lucky individuals to actually take a flight in SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY and experience this rare aircraft first-hand. Flight opportunities are available on SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY. A flight on SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY is $425 per person for the waist section and $600 per person in the nose section. A portion of the flight cost is tax-deductible. The total experience will average 45 minutes and include boarding, engine start, taxi, takeoff and landing and shutdown. For more information and to make reservations call 602-448-9415. Only a handful of these rare birds remain in the world today and even fewer provide the opportunity to experience flight just as the flight crews did during WW II.

B-17 Sentimental Journey Tours; $5.00 for ages 13 to Adult $3.00 for children ages 5 through 12 and free for children under 5 B-17 Flights $425 per person for the waist section and $600 per person in the nose section.

The aircraft will be on display at Dane County Regional Airport-Truax Field. SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY will arrive at Dane County Regional Airport-Truax Field at 12 noon Monday, August 2, and will be on display until the aircraft departs Thursday, August 5 for Ypsilanti, MI. Display dates and times at Dane County Regional Airport-Truax Field August 2 – 12 noon arrival and on display till 6:00 PM August 3 - August 4 – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. August 5 afternoon departure for Ypsilanti, MI.

SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY has been restored as a flying museum/memorial by the Commemorative Air Force Arizona Wing so the public can tour this one of a kind aircraft. All tour proceeds benefit SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY. Members of the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force are volunteers and the Commemorative Air Force is a non-profit organization.

SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY is a flying museum and memorial to the men who flew and crewed these airplanes, as well as the men and women who built and delivered them more than 60 years ago and to the crews that did not return. The B-17 Flying Fortress was famous for daylight bombing raids over Germany during World War II and could sustain such significant battle damage that the aircraft lived up to its name, the Flying Fortress. Out of 12,731 built there are only about 10 restored and airworthy examples remaining. For the airplane enthusiast, it’s an opportunity to have a museum come to the visitor instead of the traditional other way around. See the Arizona Wing CAF website for more information on Sentimental Journey at www.azcaf.org