4-Blade MT Composite Propeller STC Approval Announced

Oshkosh, Wisc. (July 24, 2010) Flight Resource, LLC©; the world’s largest distributor of MT Propellers, announced today that the STC has been approved to install the 4-blade MT composite propellers to the Beech Baron. This upgrade provides 40 pounds of weight savings, turbine like smoothness, reduced noise (inside and out), and improvements in climb and cruise performance.

Flight-Resource Sr. Partner, John Nielsen, stated, “I am very pleased to make this announcement just in time for EAA’s AirVenture. We have been approached, a number of times, from Baron owners to get the STC for their type aircraft. It is a great prop, with great advantages. We look forward to working with our new customers.”

The technologically advanced MT composite propeller is a lightweight alternative to conventional forged aluminum props. The blades incorporate a stainless steel leading edge on high-thrust, precision CNC milled blades with no life limits. Current available options include electric or fluid de-ice and MT’s patented HiGlo™ Kevlar spinner.


Flight Resource, LLC© is the world’s largest distributor of the German engineered composite MT-Propeller and holder of several MT Propeller upgrade STC’s. Installation kits for literally hundreds of makes and models of singles, twins and turbine powered aircraft are supported from the Cessna 170 up to the Jetstream 32. For more information about Flight-Resources and current list of model STCs, please visit www.FlightResource.com.


MT Propellers are designed and built in Straubing Germany. Started in 1981 by Gerd Muehlbauer, MT has produced nearly 40,000 blades for thousands of applications. They are standard equipment on several new models and are preferred in the unlimited air racing and aerobatic communities. Service is provided by over 30 MT certified prop shops around the country. For more information about MT-Propellers please see www.MT-Propeller.com.