Quality Aircraft Accessories Appointed Champion/Slick Magneto Service Center

July 27, 2010 (Oshkosh, WI) - Quality Aircraft Accessories has been appointed by Champion Aerospace as the first Service Center for Slick magnetos. In its capacity as an FAA/EASA approved repair station and distributor of engine accessories, Quality Aircraft Accessories will perform warranty work on Slick magnetos, complete mandatory inspections and repairs, and promote the full line of Champion products that include Slick magnetos and Champion harnesses, spark plugs and oil filters.

“Quality Aircraft Accessories has been servicing magnetos for ten years. This direct association with Champion and their quality products enhances our ability to meet the needs of our 14,500 customers,” said Brett Benton, Chief Executive Officer of Quality Aircraft Accessories. According to Slick Service Bulletin SB2-80C, all Slick magnetos should be inspected internally every 500 hours. As an introductory limited time offer, Quality Aircraft Accessories is offering the first 500-hour inspection free of charge on all Slick Magnetos purchased from them between August 1 and December 31, 2010. Quality Aircraft Accessories will perform this inspection at their Tulsa, Oklahoma repair station.

Any aircraft operator interested in converting the ignition system from Bendix to Slick should contact Quality Aircraft Accessories who is willing to subsidize the conversion cost. For more information, please contact Quality Aircraft Accessories at (877) 833-6948.

Quality Aircraft Accessories, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a Class I and Class II unlimited FAA repair station with EASA approval. In addition to providing overhaul services on a wide range of piston engine accessories, Quality Aircraft Accessories stocks a comprehensive inventory of overhauled piston engine accessories and is a stocking distributor for many of the engine accessory OEM’s. To learn more, call us at (877) 833-6948 or visit www.qualityaircraftaccessories.com.