HEATCON Composite Systems

SEATTLE, WA - HEATCON®, Inc., and its subsidiary HEATCON® Composite Systems, has acquired technology and asset rights from EE Solutions, Inc / MicroWise Solutions, LLC.

HEATCON® Composite Systems will expand their full-featured product line to include the following:

Rack-mountable Multi-Zone Hot Bonder modules designed for the manufacturing environment. The system can be configured to be any number of zones -- in multiples of 2 to allow Multi-Zone Composite Repairs in a Positive Pressure environment using the HEATCON® Patented RepairClave.

64-Zone Portable Hot Bonder to control up to 64 independent Zones. Multiple voltage and amperage operation are available.

Multi-Zone Matrix Heating Blanket with Controller designed as a full Repair System for use on helicopter rotor blades.

“With these additional technologies, we feel that we now can reach a greater audience for our specialized composite repair products and services”, said Eric Casterline, VP and General Manager of HEATCON® Composite Systems.

For additional information, please visit our website at WWW.HEATCON.COM

About HEATCON® Inc. and HEATCON®Composite Systems. HEATCON® ,Inc. has been a stocking distributor of electric heating and control products for over 32 years. We provide technical support, custom designs, and complete system solutions for your heating and control needs. Our ability to supply a huge variety of electric heat, temperature control, industrial automation components, and common accessory items means we can be a one-stop source. Our large warehouse allows us to stock parts for emergencies and under service release contracts so you don't have to.

HEATCON®Composite Systems has been involved in the support of advanced composite repairs since 1981, after developing the first Microprocessor Based Composite Repair System. We are committed to continuous product improvement and development and our products set industry standards. We also strive to maintain the highest levels of quality and customer service. HEATCON®Composite Systems' customer base includes more major airlines, repair stations and military users than any other competitors. Most of our customers find it convenient and cost effective to obtain support of composite repairs from a single source. To meet this need our T. E. A. M. concept was developed. The very best in Training, Equipment, Accessories, and Materials are all available from HEATCON®Composite Systems.