National Fortifies Relationship with Navtech

August 19, 2010 (TORONTO) – Navtech, a leader in flight operations software and services, has renewed a five-year contract with National Airlines for its acclaimed Flight Planning product (NFP). National has also expanded its application of Navtech products and services with two additional five-year agreements for Aircraft Performance products, Take-off Data Calculation (ToDc) and Weight & Balance (W&B). The airline will utilize the flight planning and performance products in both office and EFB capacities.

“We have made a strong effort in the last year to re-commit to our customers and these contracts with National are great examples of our hard work,” said Navtech CEO Mike Hulley. “Navtech is focused on customer needs and strengthening valuable relationships like we have with National and we look forward to continued growth on all fronts.”

Based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, National Airlines serves both cargo and passenger markets with their fleet of aircraft, including the DC8-63F, 71F, 73F, and Jetstream 32. The airline prides itself on dependable and cost effective service flying domestically and internationally for private and government sectors.

NFP has long been a popular product for providing users with complete control over their flight planning process, enabling them to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and maximize safety. National will be using the new release of NFP which includes a comprehensive Flight List that streamlines work for planners. Navtech ToDc will provide National with customized take-off and landing performance solutions for any platform. The software is based on SCAP data and offers superior flexibility. Navtech W&B will supply National with custom solutions for crew, dispatcher and performance engineers to optimize the loading of their aircraft. The program’s capabilities will be tailored to their chosen specifications for policy and aircraft.

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About National Airlines

Founded in 1985, National Airlines operates three long range intercontinental 45 ton capacity jet freighters. National Airlines is based in Ypsilanti, MI and operates on demand cargo and passenger services. The company’s main base is Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti.

About Navtech, Inc.

Navtech, Inc. is a leading global provider of flight operations solutions, serving more than 350 airlines and aviation services customers. Navtech’s product suite includes aeronautical charts, navigation data solutions, flight planning, aircraft performance software (take-off/landing, weight and balance), and crew planning solutions. Many of Navtech’s products can be configured as part of an EFB solution, including take-off data calculation, weight and balance, and aeronautical charts. These products directly support millions of flights each year and help Navtech customers maximize efficiency, reduce costs, ensure compliance with complex national and international safety regulations, and effectively deliver their services.

Headquartered just outside Toronto in Waterloo, Ontario -- Canada’s technology center -- Navtech also has locations in Stockholm, London, and Ahmedabad, India, and is further supported by satellite offices around the world. Its home on the web is the first and only site for viewing the Navtech Aviation Poster Collection, a collection of hundreds of posters and other ephemera that capture the history of aviation through the arresting graphic design of the day.