Yingling Aviation Adds Skycatcher Repair Authority

Wichita, KS — Yingling Aviation has become the first facility in the world approved by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to maintain, inspect, and alter the Cessna 162 Skycatcher S-LSA aircraft. The authority was added to Yingling’s Part 145 Repair Station Operations Specifications last month. Yingling is currently the only active Skycatcher assembly site, as well. The Wichita Mid-Continent Airport-based firm has already received and completed the re-assembly of 8 of the all-metal, single engine piston, high-wing monoplanes with a two-person seating capacity including the pilot.

“This receipt of this authority represents a significant accomplishment for Yingling,” said Bob Gallop, Yingling’s vice-president, Repair Station Operations. “Since the Model 162 is a completely new aircraft, we were creating precedent with every step in the process. It required a great deal of cooperation among Yingling, Cessna and the FAA in Washington, D.C., but we are gratified to be the first Repair Station to have repair, inspection and alteration of the Model 162 Skycatcher added to our Operation Specifications. This means we can not only perform maintenance on the airplanes, we are approved to sign off on the repairs and return them to service,” he added.

Yingling completed an expansion of its facilities in 2008 in anticipation of the arrival of Skycatchers from the Shenyang manufacturing facilities in China. Customers who have ordered Skycatchers can monitor their airplane’s assembly via web-cam on Yingling’s website, www.yinglingaviation.com.

Yingling also established another milestone recently when its Kansas Aviation subsidiary became the first flight training operation to offer instruction in the Cessna Model 162 Skycatcher, as well.

About Yingling

Yingling Aviation has been affiliated with Cessna Aircraft Company longer than any other fixed base operation, having been named the first Cessna dealer more than 60 years ago. Its 100+ employees are dedicated to serving customers. A full general aviation services provider at Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) in Wichita, Kansas, Yingling is also a Cessna and McCauley Propeller Authorized Service Center specializing in servicing Cessna piston, turbine and jet aircraft. It is also the largest independent Cessna parts supplier in the world. It provides comprehensive support to the full range of Cessna legacy aircraft, offering the experience and expertise of trained, top-notch FlightSafety trained technicians, proximity to the factory, and familiarity with local vendors. Providing avionics, interiors and a variety of aircraft sales, charter, Cessna Pilot Center flight training and management services, Yingling Aviation can be reached by calling (316) 943-3246 or on the web at www.yinglingaviation.com.