Eclipse Aerospace Announces Release of Enhanced Windshield and a Return to 41,000 Feet

Albuquerque, N.M. – Sept. 20, 2010 - Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. (EAI) today announced the completion of the enhanced windshield application for the dissipation of precipitation static on windshields, and aircraft design changes for operation up to 41,000 feet. EAI committed to bring these upgrades to market for existing Eclipse aircraft owners after EAI acquired the assets of the previous company.

The new FAA certified windshield application uses a thin carbon strip that is adhered directly to existing Eclipse twin-engine jet windshields. This maintenance-free strip is bonded across the windshield and to the aircraft structure creating a conductive path, which acts as a diverter to dissipate potential precipitation static under certain flight conditions.

“This new diverter strip replaces the previous chemical-based application, which was hard to apply and difficult to maintain,” stated Ken Ross, President of Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. Global Service and Support Division. “We are pleased to finalize this part of the Eclipse Jet service offerings for our customers, who are enthusiastic about the new windshield applications.”

In addition to the improved windshield application, EAI also announces the successful completion of the engineering requirements addressing the existing FAA Airworthiness Directive, restricting flight to 37,000 feet. Eclipse is actively testing these modifications and has completed the final design. Final certification of the aircraft modifications are expected prior to the end of the year. After installation in the aircraft, these modifications will permit the EA500 to return to a service ceiling of 41,000 feet.

“What an exciting time for Eclipse and our customers,” said Mason Holland, Chairman and CEO of Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. “The windshield upgrade and return to 41,000 feet were our most difficult challenges to overcome in our upgrade program. By completing these projects we are officially announcing that the initial commitments to our existing customers have been met. We look forward to continuing to provide service for our customers while advancing innovations for the Eclipse Twin Engine Jet through our Total Eclipse program.”

About Eclipse Aerospace, Inc.

Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. began full operations to support the fleet of 260 Eclipse 500 Jet aircraft. Adhering to the motto “Customer First,” Eclipse Aerospace is focused on providing a superior customer experience for existing and future owners, operators and pilots of the revolutionary Eclipse 500 aircraft by providing factory upgrades to deliver robust, fully functional and feature rich Eclipse 500 aircraft. Eclipse Aerospace corporate offices are based in Charleston, SC. Principle operations are located in Albuquerque, N.M. and Chicago, Ill. Eclipse Aerospace is located on the Web at