CitationAir Redesigns and Expands Referral Reward Program

GREENWICH, CT, September 21, 2010 – CitationAir by Cessna, a leader in private jet solutions, today announced a redesign and expansion of its existing Referral Reward program, through which current Jet Card and Jet Share customers receive special incentives and rewards each time they refer new clients to CitationAir. The flexible new program allows referring customers to choose from a list of rewards, from free flight hours to unique getaways and more.

With the redesigned Referral Reward Program, CitationAir customers will be able to choose the reward that best suits their needs. The reward options will continually evolve in order to provide customers with a constant variety of options.

“A large number of new customers are referred to us from existing customers who have had an extraordinary CitationAir experience, and we are truly grateful for these referrals, as they demonstrate our customers’ support and confidence in the services that we provide,” said CitationAir founder and CEO Steve O’Neill. “To show our gratitude, we wanted to give those customers a more rewarding and flexible Referral Reward program that, just like our products and services, can be personalized to fit their needs.”

CitationAir customers can receive significant rewards for each new referral that results in a new customer, depending on the type and size of the new customer. The Referral Reward program is just one more innovation from CitationAir, following closely on the heels of their announcement of their alliance with Air Partner, which enables their customers to access private jet travel within Europe.

About CitationAir

CitationAir is an industry leader offering individuals and businesses the advantages of private jet travel through its innovative programs, including Jet Card, Jet Shares, Jet Management and Corporate Solutions products. CitationAir flies Cessna’s popular Citation aircraft exclusively—the Citation Bravo, Citation CJ3, Citation XLS, and Citation Sovereign—which are serviced and maintained at the factory-level. CitationAir operates one of the youngest fleet of aircraft in the industry by highly trained pilots, setting the standard for superior customer service. CitationAir’s parent company is Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron (NYSE: TXT) company. More information about CitationAir and its offerings are available at