Mxi Technologies Establishes Center of Excellence to Support Target Performance Benchmarks

Ottawa, Canada (September 28, 2010) – Mxi® Technologies, the leader in aviation maintenance software, announced today the establishment of a Technical Solutions Center. Addressing the market trend towards next-generation, fully-optimized, enterprise-wide applications, this “center of excellence” models the experience of some of world’s most sophisticated maintenance business organizations in order to deliver a high performing product using advanced technology.

“Through our work with some of the world’s largest aviation organizations, Mxi benefits from unparalleled access to return on experience. This knowledge allows us to better model the operational requirements of customers and establish benchmarking standards for performance,” says Nelson Quirk, Director, Global Technical Support, Mxi Technologies. “The center of excellence supports the development of a superior product that simultaneously delivers value-added savings to executives through process improvements, while also providing superior product performance on individual workforce computers.”

“We are seeing a shift in the market as aviation organizations increasingly look to their maintenance operations as a significant opportunity for realizing efficiencies. With the demand for solution sophistication increasing, so too does the demand for performance and scalability,” says Les Hine, President and CEO, Mxi Technologies. “By modeling actual customer experience within the architecture of the Maintenix® software, the Technical Solutions Center further enables Mxi Technologies to provide the necessary vision and direction to support our customers and potential customers as they continue to adopt progressively more refined solutions.”

Mxi Technologies’ commitment to continuous improvement within its products, services, and support organization enables the delivery of a superior market solution and strengthens the community of its current and future customers.

About Mxi Technologies. Mxi Technologies provides integrated, intelligent aviation maintenance management software, bringing innovation and thought leadership to aviation organizations. The Mxi Maintenix® software uses a modern architecture and provides advanced capabilities such as a role-based Web browser interface, automated workflow, integration adapters, electronic signatures, and support for portable wireless devices. In addition to supplying Maintenix, Mxi provides a full range of services including Maintenix implementation, business consulting, systems integration, training, and support. For more information, please visit