Students Experience Balloning at EAA Chapter One Open House

Riverside, CA – Calm wind and clear skies made it possible for Gary Eaton to launch his tethered hot air balloon dozens of times at Flabob Airport during the EAA Chapter One Open House. The balloon was one of many activities sponsored by the Chapter during their annual event.

Six members of the Skycoupe Team, made up of high school students who are restoring a Stits Skycoupe at Flabob, worked with the balloon crew to inflate, launch, and recover the balloon throughout the morning. They became part of the fifty passengers to go aloft for a bird’s eye view of the historic airport. Each of the students had an opportunity to log some “burner time” to control the ascent, descent or to hold altitude for the Firefly balloon. They each made several flights in the balloon. Most members of the Skycoupe Team are attending the Flabob Airport Preparatory Academy, a Charter School on the airport grounds.

Once the winds came up, the students packed up the balloon and went off to enjoy some of the other activities planned by EAA Chapter One. The students earn one hour of flight instruction for every hour they spend on the restoration.

For more information about activities at Flabob Airport visit, or contact Kathy Rohm at 951.683.2309.