Baldwin Aviation Introduces SMSlite Program for IS-BAO Registered Flight Departments

Hilton Head Island, SC — Baldwin Aviation, Inc., a leading developer of flight department safety management systems (SMS), has announced a new web-based SMSlite™ program designed specifically for operators who have already met the stringent requirements for International Standard for Business Aviation Organizations (IS-BAO) registration.

“SMlLite™ was created for flight organizations looking to improve their methods of collecting, reporting and distributing safety data and communicating it more effectively through their organizations,” said Don Baldwin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Baldwin Aviation. “It’s a tool that brings more transparency and efficiency to the ever-present challenge of sharing safety information within an organization. We call it ‘lite’ because one of its basic attributes is that it eliminates unnecessary steps and needless paperwork and lightens the administrative workload associated with managing Safety-related data.” Baldwin will launch SMSlite™ at the 63rd Annual NBAA Convention in Atlanta, GA, October 19-21 at Booth #2719.

Baldwin Aviation achieved IS-BAO Phase II certification of its program in March of 2009, maintaining the status of being the only IS-BAO registered SMS implementor. IS-BAO is a continuous improvement program that prescribes an external audit every two years and stimulates an ongoing self-audit program to ensure currency and relevance. Although SMSlite™ was designed for IS-BAO registered operators; it is equally effective for airports, Part 125 and 135 operators and maritime.

Baldwin delivers innovative, high quality and economical services with a people-centered approach. “Our highly experienced staff helps support clients in managing their safety program…but we also realize that one of the major impediments to effective safety management is the paperwork and documentation that goes with it. Especially in smaller flight operations, logical and necessary steps are delayed or ignored because there’s just no time to standardize or properly codify the procedures. SMSlite™ addresses that concern. It’s a Safety Data Management Center that, when supplementing an existing safety program, can take an organization to the next generation of safety management in a matter of days,” Baldwin continued. “These cutting-edge tools are extremely cost effective in running and monitoring a safe, efficient flight organization. The beauty of our program is not only the ability to customize many elements of SMS reporting including Risk Assessments, Safety Reports and Internal Audit forms but to offer this at a very low cost.”

Baldwin’s focus is SMS implementation and requires clients seeking IS-BAO registration to engage independent external auditors to validate their SMS program. “Every time a client is audited, all of our clients benefit from that experience. Our programs provide the tools flight departments need to continually monitor their operations and conduct ongoing self-audits,” Baldwin adds.

Baldwin is the only IS-BAO registered SMS implementor and has been recognized by the United States Forest Service (USFS), Bermuda’s Department of Civil Aviation (BDCA) and the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). Global Aerospace, Inc., the world’s largest aviation underwriter, has also acknowledged Baldwin’s expertise by including the firm in its visionary SM4 Safety Management plan.