Jet Professionals Introduces Benefits Connection To Assist Small and Mid-size Business Aviation Companies in Controlling and Reducing Employee Healthcare Costs

Teterboro, N.J. / October 14, 2010 – Jet Professionals recently announced the launch of its new Benefits Connection program. Designed for small and mid-size business aviation companies, the new product helps reduce healthcare costs and produces long-term savings. Benefits Connection offers top tier insurance programs from nationally recognized healthcare providers.

Small and mid-size business aviation companies, who elect to contract with Benefits Connection for broker services will profit most from the Business Aviation Captive model and traditional Broker Service programs. The Business Aviation Captive is a cost-effective private plan. Employers will benefit from service offerings and an environment only previously available to larger employers, including complete plan renewal/open enrollment management and wellness incentives for employees.

The reduction in health care costs is generated from like-minded business aviation companies that are collaborating as one collective structure. The long-term results are reduced health care costs for a more productive workforce that benefits both the employer and its employees. Companies may expect 10 to 30 percent long term savings over traditional fully-insured plans when joining the Business Aviation Captive model.

Jet Professionals’ Broker Service Model is an all-inclusive program that consists of a menu of services including: consulting, employee advocacy, communication and education, compliance, benefits administration, and health and wellness. Jet Professionals will partner each client with a benefits consultant to help analyze and develop a strategic plan to assist in evaluating, preparing and delivering plans that are the most cost effective.

Benefits Connection will in addition offer all Broker Service and Business Aviation Captive clients “employee advocates” who will partner with Human Resources Departments and create one-on-one support for employees and dependents. The employee advocate will directly handle, resolve and assist with benefits claims and billing questions.

Jet Professionals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jet Aviation, a General Dynamics company, was founded in 1983 in the U.S. and is a respected industry leader in global business aviation staffing services. In 2008, the company expanded its services to the EMEA & Asia markets and opened an office in Basel, Switzerland. Jet Professionals is one of the world’s leading global business aviation staffing solutions and support companies. We have a reputation in providing the most qualified aviation personnel in the U.S., EMEA & Asia.