LORD Corporation's Design Solution Results in Reduced Vibration and Noise for Cirrus Vision

Cary, NC – Oct. 15, 2010) – LORD Corporation – a leader in the management of vibration, motion and noise – is pleased to announce that they have been selected to provide an engine attach system for the Cirrus Vision SF50.

In development by Cirrus Aircraft, the single-engine, low-wing, flexible 5+2 seats jet is being designed as a light-weight aircraft for personal use. Based on customer feedback, the design will enable longer solo trips, with a target range of 1000 nm (1,850 km) at a maximum cruise speed of 300 knots (556 km/h).

According to Kyle Zimmerman, Senior Engineer, Fixed Wing Engineering/Product Development for LORD Corporation, Cirrus wanted a system to mount the Williams turbofan engine that would give the SF50 a quieter, smoother and more comfortable ride. As such, controlling motion, vibration and noise were key to component design.

“LORD partnered with Cirrus engineers to find the most cost-effective design solution that would meet the specifications outlined by Cirrus,” said Zimmerman. “The chosen solution is a win-win for both LORD and Cirrus. It is built on our innovative design and expertise in engine attachment systems. Because of this collaboration, not only will the mount reduce noise and vibration induced by the engine on the aircraft, it is lighter than originally specified.”

According to Jerry Whiteford, LORD Technology Fellow, LORD Corporation’s design solution allowed for incorporation of both cost and weight savings on both the aircraft structure and the isolator system.

“Our engineers developed an approach that was very effective at integrating the structure with the isolator design, while permitting optimization on both components,” said Whiteford. “This approach resulted in an excellent isolation system with weight savings for both structures.”

The prototype aircraft was first shown publicly in June 2008 and first flown that July. Made of composite material, the aircraft will be equipped with a whole aircraft Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)™ and powered by a single Williams FJ33-5A engine, producing 1,900 pounds-force (8,500 N) of thrust and is expected to cruise at about 300 knots (556 km/h).

About Cirrus. Cirrus Aircraft, a member of the global portfolio of Arcapita companies, is a recognized leader in personal aviation aircraft. Its SR20 and SR22 family of composite airplanes incorporate innovative and advanced performance and safety technologies, including the unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™). As of mid 2010, total time on the worldwide Cirrus Aircraft SR-series fleet surpassed 3.5 million hours with more than 40 lives saved to date as a direct result of CAPS being a standard safety feature on all Cirrus aircraft. The Cirrus Aircraft Vision Jet, with nearly 500 production positions reserved, will provide a new personal and regional business transportation solution - the 'personal jet'. All Cirrus Aircraft are made in the USA with a direct sales force in North America and authorized sales centers in more than 55 countries around the world. For additional information on Cirrus Aircraft and its products please visit www.cirrusaircraft.com.

About LORD Corporation. Founded in 1924, LORD Corporation is a privately-held company that designs, manufactures and markets mechanical devices and electromechanical systems to control vibration, motion and noise; formulates, produces and sells general purpose and specialty adhesives, coatings and electronic materials; and develops products and systems utilizing magnetically responsive technologies. With headquarters in Cary, N.C., and sales in excess of $610MM, LORD has manufacturing in nine countries and offices in more than 15 major business centers. LORD Corporation employs more than 2,400 worldwide. Visit www.lord.com/.