Avantext Unveils Most Efficient Way to Manage to Manage Federal Aviation Regulations as it Previews Sentinel™ at NBAA 2010 Conference

ATLANTA – (NBAA2010, Booth 6212) October 19, 2010 — Avantext, a global leader in producing interactive digital publication and software tools for the aviation industry, today is offering attendees at the NBAA2010 Conference a first look at its upcoming product release, Sentinel™.

Designed as a faster, smarter and better way to handle Airworthiness Directives (ADs), Avantext Sentinel™ helps maintenance mechanics efficiently comply with federal aviation regulations. By using push technology, Sentinel™ is created to be intuitive and actionable – giving maintenance mechanics access to all necessary information right from the homepage.

“With Sentinel™ we looked to push the envelope by building a product that provides aviation maintenance professionals with access to the most current, efficient and reliable regulatory compliance tools,” says Kurt Schoenkopf, President of Avantext Inc. “Our mission is to help mechanics save substantial time – time-savings that ultimately lead to more billable hours and increased profitability.”

Avantext Sentinel™ gives maintenance professionals access to crucial FAA documents – including the latest ADs and service bulletins. Building reports and records has never been easier. A self-directed user interface allows mechanics to work without spending hours reading through application materials. With Sentinel™, clunky interfaces are a thing of the past.

Other features designed to guarantee absolute accuracy and improved productivity include:

Aircraft specific records

Dashboard technology

Push technology

Aircraft records built using registration numbers

Online replication

To see Sentinel™ in action, visit the Avantext booth (#6212) at the NBAA2010 Conference between October 19 and October 21. For more information about Sentinel™, including general availability, please contact Avantext at (800) 998-8857.

About Avantext, Inc.

Founded in 1992, Avantext continually improves how aviation maintenance professionals receive, research, and utilize regulatory information. Their highly effective and reliable solutions enable both aircraft manufacturers and maintenance professionals to readily access and easily manage critical regulatory and manufacturer information.

With their tools for Airworthiness Directives research and compliance as well as manufacturer-specific maintenance and service documentation, Avantext provides solutions for customers worldwide. For more information, visit www.avantext.com.