Wicks Offers Hands-On Workshops with TIG Welding and Superflite Covering

The events are planned as an initial or refresher with required skills for aircraft construction.

Highland, IL – Wicks Aircraft Supply is offering a pair of two-day workshops for homebuilders that focus on TIG welding and the Superflite aircraft covering process. The events are planned for individuals seeking initial contact or refreshing experience with required skills for aircraft construction. No prior experience is needed.

The TIG fundamentals welding workshop will be held January 8 – 9, 2011. Each participant will have the opportunity to weld 4130 steel and aluminum materials. The course is taught by “Mister TIG”, aka Wyatt Swaim. In a similar workshop staged earlier this year, the response with universally positive and enthusiastic. The course will include basics of metallurgy and hands-on welding. It is a 16-hour program and the cost is $425 ($399 for EAA members).

The basics of fabric covering will be offered on January 15 – 16. Participants will observe and try their hands at preparation, fabric cutting, gluing, heat-shrinking, coatings, taping, rib stitching and final painting techniques. As with the TIG workshop, all tools and supplies are provided. By the end of the fabric class most people are ready to go home and cover wooden wing structures or steel tube fuselages. The workshop lasts for 15 hours and is priced at $250 per person ($225 for EAA members).

For more information visit www.wicksaircraft.com or call 800.221.9425. Wicks Aircraft has been providing builder supplies and assistance for over 35 years. They offer free product catalogs to homebuilders and host a wide range of workshops and forums.

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