The November/December 2010 issue of FAA Safety Briefing is Available

This issue focuses on a subject fundamental to pilot safety: abnormal and emergency situations. Articles stress the delicate art of planning for the "unplanned" and outline tools and resources pilots can use to handle emergencies. Included are tips on unusual attitude recovery, partial-power takeoffs, and knowing what to do when your aircraft’s electrical system fails.

For AMTs, the "Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons" article talks about how the Service Difficulty Reporting System works and encourages AMTs to use it. This issue’s "Hot Spots" column highlights the work FAA has been doing to identify the leading causes of GA fatal accidents and lists the top 10 causes. In that same vein, the "Vertically Speaking" column highlights the top 10 causes of helicopter accidents as well as highlights the regional safety seminars the FAAST team is conducting with HAI. To start the issue off on a strong note: on page 1 John Allen's Jumpseat column talks about standing down for safety and promotes the FAASTeam Safety Standdown 2011!

Check it out. The link to the online edition is: