NATA Releases GA-Specific De/Anti-Icing Training Module

Alexandria, VA, November 1, 2010 - Today, the National Air Transportation Association's (NATA) Safety 1st released an online De/Anti-icing Training Module to complement its Professional Line Service Training (PLST) Online Training. NATA's Safety 1st De/Anti-icing module is designed specifically for the general aviation industry to familiarize line service specialists with the responsibilities of their job and give an overview of the skills necessary for safe aircraft departures in winter weather.

Included in the training are de/anti-icing best practices and procedures, vivid videos and photos to help shape understanding, resources such as current Federal Aviation Administration holdover tables, quizzes throughout to reinforce major concepts and a final exam to ensure comprehension - all combined in a thorough online package for consistent training of the de-icing crew.

What's covered in the de/anti-icing training module?

• Introduction: reviews the crucial reasons for de-icing and the effects of icing on aircraft flight.

• De-icing and Anti-icing Fluids: covers the different types of fluids, their characteristics and their primary usage.

• De-icing and Anti-icing Application: covers specifics on when and how to apply the different fluid types.

• De-icing and Anti-icing Safety: discusses personal protective equipment requirements and procedures for the safe operation of your de-icing equipment.

• De-icing Procedures: discusses techniques to de-ice aircraft effectively and best practices to follow.

• Anti-icing Fluid Application: stresses what to do and what NOT to do when applying anti-icing fluids.

• Final Preparations For Departure: covers your responsibilities as well as what to expect from the flight crew after de/anti-icing and prior to aircraft departure.

"NATA's Safety 1st developed this online de/anti-icing module in response to our members who have asked for general aviation specific training to fulfill their winter weather needs," said NATA Director of Safety and Training Amy Koranda. "In the past, our members have turned to de/anti-icing training suited for the airlines and it just doesn't fit the bill for our industry."

NATA's Safety 1st online training such as this de/anti-icing module is comprehensive - everything needed to train, test and track line specialists is included in convenient online modules. Pricing for the online training is based on a sliding scale. For a limited time, NATA is offering a special discount on orders placed before November 16. To view a demo of NATA's Safety 1st De/Anti-icing Training Module and access a link to order, including our special discount offering, visit

"At NATA, Safety 1st is not just a name, it is a mission. We continue to set the industry standard in safety by developing convenient, cost effective training in best practices and procedures specific to our members' needs," added NATA President James K. Coyne.