Straight Flight Opens New Aircraft Composite Shop

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.—Nov. 2010--Straight Flight, Inc. an FAA/EASA certified repair station and aviation industry leader, recently earned its Class I Composite Airframe rating, paving the way for SFI to perform repairs on carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar components as well as perform metal-to-metal bonding in their new climate controlled and monitored shop.

“We keep in touch with industry and these facility enhancements will allow Straight Flight to continue to offer premier aircraft repair services that meet new manufacturing standards of composite aircraft,” stated general manager Ernest L. Smith, IV.

Straight Flight is currently fabricating tooling and outer aeroshell panels used by their sister company, SpaceDev, Inc., for the NASA reusable launch vehicle (RLV) program known as the Dream Chaser™.

Straight Flight’s technicians fabricate and repair all types of composite materials from small to large in a fully equipped composite shop. An elaborate dust control system keeps composite sanding dust to a bare minimum, prepreg materials are stored at sub-zero temperatures in a walk-in freezer and there is a digitally-controlled Wisconsin curing oven.

About Straight Flight, Inc. Straight Flight, Inc., a commercial subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corp., has been a major and continuously growing force since 1986 in the general and corporate aviation community. Their Centennial Airport repair station, located southeast of Denver, Colorado, provides both national and international aviation customers with expert repair, maintenance and modifications.

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