Chromalloy Announces FAA Repair Specification Designated Engineering Representative

ORANGEBURG, N.Y., November 8, 2010 – Chromalloy announced today that Claudio Costa, Director of Engineering, has received special delegation from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a Repair Specification Designated Engineering Representative (RS DER).

“Claudio has reached an important milestone of achievement in successfully meeting all FAA requirements and completing the rigorous RS DER process,” said Bruce Johnson, Vice President, Engineering Technical Service. “The RS DER delegation allows him to approve multiple-use repairs for gas turbine engines, and other key activities.”

RS DER-appointed experts have special designation from the FAA to approval serial number specific major repair data, non serial number specific major repair data, and to manage RS approvals.

After a one-year candidacy period, during which Costa demonstrated expertise and ability to the FAA, he received DER appointment from the FAA in 2008. Since that time he has approved more than 40 repairs.

As an FAA-appointed DER for Chromalloy, Costa can approve certain major repairs and major alterations on behalf of the FAA using technical data submitted by Chromalloy. The company has 13 DER appointed experts and now with Costa’s recent additional appointment, has 10 Chromalloy FAA RS DERs who received the FAA expanded authorization.

DER experts ensure the proper evaluation of technical data developed by staff, certify compliance with the FAA guidelines and regulations, and perform compliance tests and inspections. Costa is based at the company’s San Antonio repair and service center. The facility is a FAA-certificated component repair station specializing in turbine engine modules, cases, frames, combustors, disks, shafts and hubs.

Chromalloy serves commercial, military and industrial turbine engine operators worldwide with operations and sales offices in 17 countries. More information is at