New King Air 250 incorporates Raisbeck Engineering's Ram Air Recovery System

November 9, 2010 — Seattle, Washington, USA — Raisbeck Engineering, designer and manufacturer of the world's leading aircraft improvements for four decades, announced today the newly announced Beechcraft King Air 250 includes the Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System (RARS) as one of its most important features. The performance boost the Raisbeck RARS gives the 250 is evident across the entire flight envelope. The boost comes from one of the most fundamental elements in King Air performance, a reduction of engine ITT of approximately 20°C.

The effects on the airplane are measurable:

• increased flat-rating for operation from hot, high altitude airports

• increased climb altitude that full engine torque

• increased cruise speeds

• more efficient engine resulting in fuel savings and resulting increased range

Equally important is the ability to deploy engine ice vanes without appreciable loss of engine power. For operational use on the ground, the RARS ice vanes can be deployed before engine start and stowed after initial climb-out without measurable penalties, resulting in virtual elimination of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) ingestion from unimproved taxiways and runways. This feature is also true for landing when using reverse propeller thrust. The deployed ice vanes protect the engine from debris kicked up by the reversed props. When increased speed is not the primary goal of the operator, the reduced ITT during normal cruise decreases fuel flow, increases engine longevity and ultimately reduces overhaul costs.

"HBC wisely chose our Ram Air Recovery induction system for their new 250, after reviewing the viability of the RARS based on 28 years of operation on Super King Air 200s and B200s whose owners have chosen to retrofit their airplanes with our system," commented James Raisbeck, CEO of Raisbeck Engineering and holder of the RARS patent. Over 1000 King Airs have been retrofitted since its introduction in 1982.

RARS is also a prime element in the Raisbeck EPIC Performance Retrofit Package, which also includes Enhanced Performance Leading Edges (EPLE), Dual Aft Body Strakes (DABS), Hartzell/Raisbeck Power Props (TFPS), and when so-equipped, Fully Enclosed High Flotation Gear Doors (HFGD). Together they provide simply the most versatile King Air 200/B200 ever certified. On the B200GT and when combined with an engine upgrade to PT6A-52 engines, produce the fastest King Air ever certified, including the King Air 350.

About Raisbeck Engineering

Raisbeck Performance Systems for the entire Hawker Beechcraft King Air family, as well as Bombardier’s Model 31 and 35/36 Learjet aircraft, are certified worldwide. Raisbeck’s designs have been incorporated into OEM production aircraft since 1973.

Raisbeck Performance Systems for King Airs are factory installed or optional equipment on Beechcraft 350, B200GT and C90GTx production lines. They are also sold and installed by Hawker Beechcraft Service Centers and Raisbeck Authorized Dealers around the globe.

Raisbeck's ZR LITE Performance Systems and Aft Fuselage Lockers for Model 31 and 35/36 Learjets are available through Raisbeck's network of Authorized Dealers and Installation Centers—including Bombardier Aircraft Services—in the U.S.A., Europe and South America.

Raisbeck continues its long-standing tradition of improving personal, business and corporate aircraft performance, productivity, safety and comfort through the integration of advanced technology with currently flying airplanes. Contact Raisbeck at and visit the website at for more information.