Maintenance Cost Workshop for Embraer Jets is 10 Years Old

São José dos Campos, November 10, 2010 – The tenth edition of the Maintenance Cost Workshop (MCW), organized by Embraer, begins today. The three-day event is held in the city of São José dos Campos, about 90 kilometers from São Paulo, and brings together the customers and operators of the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial jets up to 120 seats. The main objective is to share best practices and provide information to assist in managing maintenance costs of the jets from the ERJ 145 and E-Jet families.

“We are pleased to receive a number of our customers and operators for this historic MCW edition,” said Luiz Hamilton Lima, Embraer Vice President, Customer Support and Services – Airline Market. “We are aware that optimizing aviation maintenance costs is a complex job and that it is vital for operator performance. Therefore, one of our support activities is to hold the annual MCW, in order to contribute to reducing customer maintenance expenditures and to improving the availability of Embraer’s jets.”

The ERJ 145 family of jets is composed of four models – ERJ 135, ERJ 140, ERJ 140, and ERJ 145 XR – with 37 to 50 seats. Over 1,100 of these jets are in operation, worldwide, including 200 which are configured for business aviation customers and the defense segment. They have logged more than 16 million flight hours, since 1996, with an impressive operational reliability rate of 99.8%.

The E-Jets family is following the same path of success. Consisting of four models – EMBRAER 170, EMBRAER 175, EMBRAER 190, and EMBRAER 195 – with 70 to 122 seats, the family began operating in 2004 and has been chosen by 56 companies in 39 countries. Last week, the 700th airplane from this family was delivered and the fleet has reached nearly five million flight hours. The number of firm orders has climbed past 900.

The more than 20 operators of Embraer aircraft who are participating in the event will have an opportunity to see real case histories presented by other companies. They will also hear the opinion of the manufacturer of these airplanes regarding the best alternatives for each situation.