ARGUS PROS Auditor Training Courses

ARGUS PROS is proud to offer Auditor Training courses that will provide you with the practical guidance you need to be successful. Each course is taught by our knowledgeable instructors whose real world experience will provide you with a training program that transforms vast amounts of information into applicable and pertinent knowledge.

Based on our auditor experience and instructor credentials, IATA has certified ARGUS PROS as one of only five Endorsed Training Organizations accredited to provide IOSA Auditor Training.

IOSA Auditor Training

Course Objective:

During the IOSA Auditor Training (IAT), you will learn practical skills regarding airline management, general corporate organization and management systems, and airline processes and procedures. You will learn to apply IOSA auditing techniques to evaluate an airline operation. ARGUS PROS is one of only five IATA Endorsed Training Organizations accredited to deliver the IAT course.

Course Description:

The IAT course provides modern and active training sessions that offer sufficient opportunities to practice IOSA auditing in a consistent way. This helps to enforce standardized IOSA auditor results and provides competence for optimum performance. All courses are taught in our Denver, Colorado training room. 2011 Course Dates: January 17-21, April 04-08, July 18-22, October 17-21.

Aviation Lead Auditor Training

Course Objective:

The Aviation Lead Auditor Training course will enable you to conduct many different types of aviation audits, including internal, external, third party and airline codeshare audits. During the training you will participate in practical exercises that provide emphasis on proper technique for quality auditing.

Course Description:

The course includes an introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS), Quality Management, Integrated SMS Systems and Principles of continual improvement. Students will study the varying applicable aviation standards; regulatory, ISO, DoD, International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO), IATA Operational Safety Audits (IOSA) and learn how to assess conformance and compliance. All ALAT courses will be taught in our Denver, Colorado training room. 2011 Course Dates: January 24-28, March 21-25, May 16-20, August 22-26, November 14-18.