Soloy Aviation Solutions Begins Production of Law Enforcement Package for Mark II Turbine Powered Cessna 206

Olympia WA, USA – Soloy Aviation Solutions has begun production of its latest variant of their FAA certified Mark II turbine powered Cessna 206 aircraft. Currently being given the working designation of ‘The Sentinel’, this variant of the incredibly versatile fixed wing turbine platform is being developed for government surveillance use and other law enforcement utilization.

Starting with the current Cessna 206H model aircraft Soloy converts the standard 300 horsepower piston C-206 into its Rolls Royce turbine powered Mark II configuration producing a maximum 417 shaft horsepower.

Soloy will then outfit the Mark II with its newly developed Law Enforcement package which includes:

•Multi-Sensor Camera Mount on the wing.

•Removal of the factory rear seats and installation of a Soloy Observer Seat capable of 270° of rotation, lockable in various positions.

•Installation of the Soloy Observer Window which dramatically increases left side visibility.

•Renovated interior that increases cabin headroom clearance with the installation of a new headliner.

The Soloy Mark II Sentinel aircraft offers government and law enforcement agencies an extremely reliable, efficient and versatile aircraft that’s configured for a Pilot, Flight Officer, and Rear Observer / Camera Operator.

The Sentinel is equipped with a 185 amp generator to adequately power the increased demands for the ship’s electrical load.

The aircraft will be configured with state of the art avionics and instrumentation including a Garmin G500 system with synthetic vision.

Dave Stauffer, Soloy’s CEO, is pleased with his company’s development. “For years now, Law Enforcement and Government have been using the high wing Cessna 206 for surveillance operations. But we have been told by many that piston powered 206’s can fall short in providing horsepower and operator cabin room. We know of at least one warm climate municipality that will ground their 206’s if conditions slightly exceed normal seasonal temperatures or density altitude. The Mark II solves all of these problems. The significant power increase and reliability of the Rolls Royce engine is undeniable. It also provides a much reduced noise signature over the piston engine.

The Soloy Mark II Sentinel creates never before offered operating efficiency and flexibility. “With the availability of our new wing mount camera and interior configuration, this aircraft can safely get on station and loiter or sustain a patrol. And the acquisition and operating costs fall well below that of a turbine helicopter. It’s a remarkably versatile ship for just about any law enforcement, surveillance or observation use,” says Mr. Stauffer.

Soloy expects the Mark II Sentinel to be finished and ready for demonstration by early 2011. The company is interested in getting feedback from current 206 observation aircraft operators and will put the Sentinel into a demonstration tour as soon as it’s ready. Interested parties should contact Soloy Aviation to learn more.


Soloy Aviation Solutions is a Washington State based company specializing in fixed and rotary wing aircraft power and performance improvements as well as contract engineering and aviation parts manufacturing for over 40 years. For more information, contact Soloy Aviation Solutions at (360) 754-7000 or visit Soloy Aviation Solutions online at