Chromalloy Unveils New World-class Casting Center for Turbine Engine Parts and Components During Grand Opening in Tampa

TAMPA, Fla., December 3, 2010 – Chromalloy announced today that its new investment casting operation in Tampa, Fla., is fully operational and serving turbine engine operators around the world.

“Chromalloy Castings is open for business at a new 150,000 square foot, state-of-the-art operation,” said Armand F. Lauzon, Jr., President, during a grand opening event. “The new casting center expands our previous engine component production capacity in Tampa, Florida.”

During a ribbon-cutting and reception attended by engine operators, manufacturers and customers from around the world, Lauzon, said, “Chromalloy is pleased to now offer the industry a single source for engine component design, engineering, tooling, machining, repairs, coatings – and castings. OEMs and operators can reduce their costs and save time using a single source provider for development and production of new and replacement parts.”

The new Chromalloy Castings center in Tampa is designed to pour up to one million pounds of superalloy turbine components and parts for the “hot section” or critical gas path of the engine, for the entire range of jet aircraft engines as well as marine, aero-derivative and heavy frame industrial turbines, including the largest and most complex turbine blades and vanes for power generation engines (IGT).

That includes vanes, nozzles, High Pressure Turbine (HPT) blades and other components using several methods including equiaxed, directionally solidified, and advanced, single crystal casting technologies.

“Chromalloy has expanded our capability to better serve customers and enable them to find the critical services they require to operate and maintain their turbines all within a single global network,” Lauzon said.

A supplier of engine components, Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) turbine blades and specialized repairs for aerospace, marine and industrial turbine operators, Chromalloy operates 52 facilities and sales offices in 17 countries.

The casting center became fully operational on October 21, 2010. Chromalloy operates a second casting center for turbine engine components and parts in Carson City, Nevada.

Chromalloy is the world’s largest independent supplier of technologically advanced repairs, coatings, and FAA-approved replacement parts for turbine airfoils and other critical engine components for commercial airlines, the military and industrial turbine engine applications. The company’s replacement parts for aircraft engines are FAA certified to meet or exceed the performance, reliability and durability specifications of original equipment manufacturer parts.

In support of marine and land-based gas turbines, Chromalloy employs identical engineering disciplines used to produce its FAA-certified parts. More information is at