DAHER-SOCATA 2011 TBM 850 100th Anniversary Official Paint Scheme Features Happy Design Studio's Original Livery

Didier WOLFF, owner & Designer of the company is proud to announce that Happy Design Studio has been chosen by DAHER-SOCATA for designing the company’s100th anniversary paint scheme livery of the TBM 850 model year 2011.

Amongst 40 different projects from different designers a jury made of DAHER-SOCATA customers and representatives has chosen the Livery created by Didier Wolff at the AirVenture Oshkosh Fair last July.

This unique design will be available with a large choice of 20 color options and is the official paint scheme of the TBM 850 for next year’s production line.

"It has been a gripping challenge to adapt the concept of the livery to the industrial production constraints and the final result is amazing on the TBM 850! This project is giving HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO a fantastic opportunity to work on more designs with constructors by taking into consideration at an early stage of creation the industrial inputs," said Didier WOLFF, owner and designer of HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO. “We thank DAHER-SOCATA for this wonderful opportunity to work closely with an aircraft manufacturer to display creative ideas in the industrial world.”

“We’re glad to partner with Happy Design Studio, a young, creative and passionate French design studio and we’re looking forward seeing the actual result and the reaction of our customers.” stated Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of DAHER-SOCATA Airplane Division. “This TBM 850 model Year 2011 aims at highlighting our roots, which explain why the TBM 850 is reputed for the excellence of its manufacturing.” He concluded.

The first Model Year 2011 TBM 850 is already in the works and will be officially unveiled in February 2011. At the same time the design can be viewed on HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO’s website: www.happydesign.net.