MT Composite Propeller Successfully Tested On Rare Vintage Warbird

Bloomer, Wisc. (December 16, 2010) Flight Resource, LLC, world’s largest volume MT- Propeller distributer, is excited to announce the successful flight testing on a newly developed 4-bladed composite propeller to be utilized on the Allison powered P-82 Twin Mustang. This propeller, governor and accumulator system was designed and built including a control system for use on the only two remaining Twin Mustangs that are being restored to flying condition.

The 11-foot diameter, 4-blade propellers include full feathering capability and still maintain the period look of the original steel propellers, using MT’s patented natural composite structure. The hub is CNC milled from a single billet of aluminum. The governors were designed from scratch and the spinner is Kevlar.

The prop was mounted and flown on a P-51 Mustang (Polar Bear) for five successful flights in December. Initial results indicated improved climb and cruise performance over the metal 3-blade prop that normally pulls this P-51. The propeller and governor will now undergo the vigorous testing required to complete FAA and EASA certification.

Flight Resource is the US MT Distributor who facilitated these projects. According to Flight Resource’s Senior Partner, John Nielson, “The development of this propeller for such a rare aircraft has been one of the most fun projects we have undertaken.” Nielsen further stated, “With this successful design, MT-Propeller has proven they are now able to supply new generation propellers for V-12 powered vintage aircraft.”

MT-Propeller is no stranger to the design and manufacture of replica propellers. Several rare aircraft continue to please airshow and air racing fans sporting MT-Propellers.

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