Learjet 60 Pilots Authorized by FAA to Check Aircraft Tire Pressure with Crane SmartStem

Lynnwood, Wash. – January 7, 2011 – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued guidance which permits the flight crews of Learjet 60 aircraft flying Part 135 to use Crane Aerospace & Electronics’ SmartStem® Passive Wireless Tire Pressure System to check tire pressure on their own aircraft.

This announcement permits a significant simplification in the way a Part 135 operator can comply with the FAA’s Airworthiness Directive, effective July 13, 2010, which requires tire pressure checks to be made within 96 hours before take-off. Although the use of manual gauges is still prohibited for Part 135 Pilots, passive, electronic tire pressure sensing systems, including SmartStem, are now allowed.

SmartStem was developed by Crane Aerospace & Electronics to provide a fast and reliable method of checking tire pressure without gas loss - plus tire pressure can be checked without the removal of the valve stem cap. It is also designed to be easily retrofitted on existing aircraft. The SmartStem system for the Learjet 60 is currently available via FAA STC #ST02316LA offered by Crane Aerospace & Electronics. Kits can be purchased at www.craneae.com/Learjet60SS.

“Crane is pleased to offer Learjet 60 operators a simpler and more convenient means to ensure proper inflation of their tires with our SmartStem technology,” said Nathan Smith, Business Development Manager at Crane Aerospace & Electronics. “By enabling Part 135 Pilots to perform the checks themselves, we also anticipate that the cost of proper tire maintenance will decrease substantially, particularly for those flying to locations where there are limited maintenance facilities.”

Learjet 60 operators under Part 135 were previously required to have tire pressure checks performed by an A&P Certified Mechanic, which frequently added substantial operational costs and delays when operating in remote locations.

Bombardier has posted an instructional video and other material on their CIC website at www.cic.bombardier.com in “Hot Topics”. A copy of Bombardier’s Advisory Wire, AW32-055, which makes this announcement is also available at this location.

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