Daniel Insurance Announces New Lower Life Insurance Rates for Flight Instructors

Daniel Insurance is pleased to announce that it has secured an A+ rated carrier that will no longer charge the extra premium on life insurance because you are a flight instructor and, if you qualify medically, will offer their best rate class at Preferred Plus. This equates to a 60% savings or more!

Many risks in the life insurance industry are charged an extra premium and flight instructors are generally charged $3.50 per thousand extra. This equates to $350 extra per year per $100,000 of protection. In addition most carriers will at, best, give flight instructors a standard non-smoker rate. This is the fourth best rate class. This change removes the discrimination against flight instructors for life insurance.

Life insurance is an important facet of your financial foundation. Four important areas to use to determine your life insurance needs are: income replacement, debt relief, college funding and income producing assets. Your most important asset is your income which, if lost, puts your other assets in jeopardy. We suggest 10-15 times your annual income in life insurance protection. You may also want to cover your debt and children’s college education.

To determine income replacement on a cash asset, assume you can place one million dollars in a 5% tax free bond. It will spin off $50,000 annual interest income. Could your loved ones live on that? Social security may pay $20,000 a year as a range as survivor benefits. You may have other assets to factor in as well for income replacement.>

Please go to www.danielagency.com/MNLife.pdf to view the underwriting chart, height and weight chart and learn how this carrier determines your rate class.

About Daniel Insurance Agency

Daniel Insurance Agency is a group of independent agents licensed to do business nationally that specializes only in life insurance. We take the time to understand our customers' personal and professional goals in order to provide the right life insurance solution. Daniel Insurance Agency represents more than 100 highly rated life insurance companies with proven track records for service and customer satisfaction. We work with key underwriters to look beyond statistical guidelines and evaluate our clients based on their individual merits. Please contact us to discuss your objectives. We will be happy to furnish you pricing or if more convenient visit our web site at www.danielagency.com/pilots.php and provide full details so we can provide accurate quotes for your review. All rates are subject to full medical underwriting and are not guaranteed until final underwriting approval.