FLYING Magazine and AMPT™ Announce Plans for Parade of Planes 2011

January 12, 2011 (Duluth, MN) – Today AMPT Associates, Inc. announced the dates and locations of FLYING Magazine’s regional aircraft sales expos for 2011. As FLYING Magazine’s innovative Parade of Planes™ enters its fourth season, new locations will bring the “dealership” experience to more consumers interested in comparing a variety of aircraft side-by-side before making a purchase decision.

“Despite the slow economy, you can’t deny the fact that plenty of consumers are going to purchase new aircraft in 2011 – especially those who use aircraft for business since the 2011 tax benefits virtually make the business case for the purchase” stated Randy S. Bolinger of AMPT Associates. “For that reason alone, FLYING Magazine will continue its role in providing aviation consumers with hands-on access to the most popular aircraft and the essential tax, finance and insurance resources required to facilitate an otherwise challenging purchase process.”

2011 will be a fantastic year to be an aircraft buyer, thanks in part to the recently expanded tax benefits that offer 100% bonus depreciation for business related aircraft purchases. Aircraft finance companies like AirFleet Capital have money to lend with attractive terms up to 20 years. Tax experts like Advocate Consulting Legal Group, PLLC can provide the guidance and expertise to make certain that any entity purchasing an aircraft takes full advantage of the beneficial tax law. And AOPA Insurance Agency has a myriad of insurance plans to meet virtually any insurance need – even for consumers who use the Aircraft Partnership Association to identify potential candidates to share a business aircraft as a means of reducing the total cost of ownership by 50% or more.

For 2011, FLYING Magazine’s Parade of Planes will make two stops, visiting the Chicago area and Upstate New York for the first time. Both events will feature an array of popular general aviation aircraft. The planned schedule includes:

• Central Event (DuPage Airport, Chicago, IL), June 3 & 4, 2011

• Eastern Event (Schenectady County Airport, Albany, NY) September 9 & 10, 2011

Any company interested in exhibiting at Parade of Planes should contact AMPT Associates at 218.213.4416. Visit for the latest news and information.

About FLYING Magazine

FLYING is published monthly by Bonnier Corp. Since 1927, FLYING has been the magazine to inform, educate and entertain pilots and anyone interested in becoming a pilot. It is focused on personal and business aviation, but also gives readers a glimpse into major airline cockpits, highlights from the military world, and historical pieces that remind us all that we stand on the shoulders of the giants who first realized the dream of flight.

About AMPT Associates

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