Titan Tool Introduces New Factory-Direct Lower Prices for Fiberscopes

(FEBRUARY 2011) – As a result of offering factory-direct pricing, Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, New York, announces that five lines of its fiberscopes are now available at discounts of 7% to 26% depending upon the model. According to the company, the USA-made quality fiberoptic borescopes included in the price reductions are:

• TFBS-6 Articulating Borescopes (5 models from $3,465.00 to $5,115) feature a 17,000 element high-resolution imaging bundle for superior image quality.

• FBS-6 Articulating Borescopes (4 models from $2,815.00 to $3,895.00) feature stainless steel, waterproof sheathing up to the body of the scope.

• J Series Small-Diameter Borescopes (3 models from $4,100.00 to $4,750.00) feature a diameter of 0.120” (3.0mm) to reach areas inaccessible to larger-diameter scopes.

• K Series Micro-Borescopes (1 model – $1,675.00) can function as a rigid or flexible borescope.

• L Series Micro-Borescopes (4 models from $1,395.00 to $1,595.00) are offered with either 6,000 or 10,000 element imaging bundle and a fiberoptic illuminator or flashlight handle for portable operation.

Titan Tool states that its fiberoptic borescopes are used for many applications in a wide range of industries requiring visual inspection and quality control of hard-to-access areas. The fiberscopes, manufactured or assembled in the USA, have magnification capabilities that vary from 20X to 30X and diameters from 0.039” (1mm) to 2.236” (6mm) depending on the model. Optional video adapters are available with most units.

For more information, contact Titan Tool Supply, Inc., 68 Comet Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216. Phone: 716-873-9907. Fax: 716-873-9998. Email: info@titantoolsupply.com. www.TitanToolSupply.com. For detailed product information or to download a PDF files of individual product sheets, visit: www.titantoolsupply.com/Fiberscopes.