PATS Aircraft Systems' ODA Issues FAA STC for B757-200 Auxiliary Fuel System

Georgetown, DE (February 3, 2011) ┬ĘC PATS Aircraft Systems is pleased to announce that the PATS' ODA has issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for an additional configuration of its B757-200 Auxiliary Fuel System (AFS). The approved fuel system has now been successfully installed, tested and certified in the 4-tank configuration. The new configuration complements the previously approved 6-tank AFS.

PATS' B757-200 AFS is a stand-alone modular tank system installed in the forward and aft lower cargo compartments. As with all PATS Auxiliary Fuel Systems, the installed STC kit feeds the aircraft's integral fuel tanks and operates independently, allowing the system to be active or inactive, based upon mission requirements. The newly approved system is fully compliant with all Federal Aviation Regulations, including the SFAR 88 and structural margin Airworthiness Directives issued against previous B757 AFS systems.

PATS' B757 AFS adds an important range extension option to owners and operators of the B757-200 adding an additional 2,776 US Gallons of fuel. It is also compatible with most aircraft operations including commercial passenger service, cargo configurations, VIP/executive and special mission utilization. Customers have the option to install a wide range of tank configurations, from 1-tank to 8-tanks, with any additional configurations certified by the PATS' ODA via STC Amendment.

"We're excited about this new addition to the PATS family of Auxiliary Fuel Tank Systems," said John Martin, President and CEO of PATS Aircraft Systems. "The four tank system is a great fit for B757 aircraft operations globally, including VIP, charter, commercial and cargo applications."

PATS has B757 AFS kits available for immediate delivery. PATS also offers installation management services, ranging from full on-site installation to engineering/technical oversight, to ensure the AFS installation occurs smoothly and concurrently with other aircraft maintenance and/or modifications.

PATS Aircraft Systems is an industry leading supplier of Auxiliary Fuel Systems (AFS) applications, Aerospace Component Manufacturing (including the Hollingsead International product line) and VIP executive aircraft maintenance, modification and executive interior completions services. Please visit our website at for more information.