Senegal Airlines Awards Five-year Power-by-the-hour Contract to A J Walter Aviation

London, February 8rd 2011: Senegal Airlines, the new African operator, has awarded a five year power-by-the-hour contact for its first two A319 aircraft to world leading component support specialist, A J Walter Aviation. The start-up airline has purchased six Airbuses for its fleet and will take delivery of two more this year.

In addition, Senegal Airlines has signed a multimillion dollar spares lease with AJW for components sited in Dakar as well as a further contract for the provision of integrated consumables management services. Overall, AJW will be a significant partner in maintaining the operational efficiency of the airline and streamlining their business model for sustained growth and profitability.

Senegal Airlines started commercial operations on January 25th to a number of West African countries, including Mali, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. Senegal Airlines eventually hopes to expand to include flights to Europe and North America and its goal is to capture 40% of the Dakar market. Senegal is building a new airport outside Dakar which will be completed in 2012. This will handle more flights and support its emergence as a key entry point to West Africa.

“AJW has worked closely and successfully with many airlines across the African continent for more than 50 years” states AJW President, Christopher Whiteside. “We have developed a flexible programme with Senegal Airlines that is precisely geared to their needs as they develop over the next five years and beyond. We have built our reputation in the region on our willingness to adapt to local operational and market demands and that is something AJW is able to offer all operators, big or small.”