Indo-Russian Company Integrated Helicopter Services Pvt. Ltd. Opens Russian Rotorcraft Service Centre in India

The centre will offer Indian operators and state aviation organisations aftersale service, as well as scheduled maintenance and unscheduled repairs of any Mi and Kamov helicopters.

Partners of Russian Helicopters: AirTaxi Service (interior completion and maintenance); R.E.T. Kronshtadt (aviation training systems, navigation, and avionics); Tranzas (software, navigation systems, and aviation simulators); CSTS Dinamika (technical training for flight and engineering personnel); BETA AIR (testing equipment and aviation electronics); Ural Works of Civil Aviation (repair of helicopter engines, components, and reductorsredactors).

UIC Oboronprom, JSC is a multi-profile industrial and investment group, established in 2002, is a part of Russian Technologies State Corporation. It is active in the areas of helicopter engineering (Russian Helicopters) and engine building (United Engine Industry Corporation).

Vectra Group consists of diverse companies operating in various business domains across the world. The core businesses of the USD 800 million Vectra Group are aviation, engineering, material handling and construction equipment, automotive, real estate, information technology, and the services sector. The operations of Vectra Group are primarily in India and in Eastern Europe, spanning more than 18 companies, with eight manufacturing facilities in four countries (India, the UK, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia). In addition, Vectra Group has offices or investments in France, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hungary.

The policy of Vectra Group is to forge, strengthen, and expand strategic alliances with partners—wherever they might be. Thanks to its long-standing relationships, Vectra has been able to expand its operations through partnerships with other global leaders such as Orad of Israel, and Kamaz Inc. and Russian Helicopters of Russia.

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