Lindbergh Foundation Announces Winners of 34th Annual Awards

Dean Kamen has been selected to receive the prestigious Lindbergh Award for 2011; GE Aviation is the recipient of its Corporate Award for Balance, and Milbry Polk the Anne Morrow Lindbergh Award.

"Dean Kamen, GE Aviation and Milbry Polk each represent the very best of what the Lindbergh Foundation seeks to recognize with our Lindbergh Awards," added David Treinis, an Officer of the Foundation and Chairman of the Awards Selection Committee. "We are pleased and honored to present our Lindbergh Foundation awards to such and outstanding group, and we're particularly excited to be partnering with SUN 'n FUN to produce this year's Awards Celebration Event."

SUN 'n FUN President and Convention Chairman John Burton pointed out that, "With aviation luminaries like John and Martha King, Sean Tucker, Kermit Weeks, and other Board Members representing the Lindbergh Foundation, and an evening full of entertainment and enlightening comments by the Awardees, the Lindbergh Award Celebration is not to be missed. SUN 'n FUN is proud to be hosting this important event, and to support the long-standing tradition of the Lindbergh Foundation."

The 2011 Lindbergh Award Celebration and Dinner will include a cocktail reception, auction, and dinner, followed by presentations by Mr. Kamen, Ms. Bolsinger, and Ms. Polk.

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