FL Technics Training to Train Airbus A320 Technicians

“FL Technics Training” applied for Airbus A320 EASA Part-147 certification. The new certificate will allow training of specialists for technical service of Airbus A320 family type aircraft. The certification is carried out by Civil Aviation Administration of Republic of Lithuania.

"The number of Western type aircraft in Russia and neighbouring countries is increasing, as airlines are updating their fleets. Currently 200 aircraft of Airbus A320 family are used in the region. Airlines have ordered additional 80 Airbus A320 aircraft and are awaiting delivery. There is an increasing demand for skilled technicians to service these aircraft”, states Mr Jonas Butautis, the General Manager of “FL Technics.”

Trainings for aircraft type maintenance consist of theory studies and practical training at company’s hangars. During practice students are trained to perform repairs on fuselage, engines and their components.

Mr Butautis plans that Airbus A320 training programs will be as popular as Boeing 737 CL and Boeing 737 NG training programs, which currently are in the highest demand. Additionally, “FL Technics Training“ provides technical type training for Boeing 757, Saab 340, Saab 2000 and ATR 42/72 aircraft.

“FL Technics Training” trains more than 1300 technical service specialists each year. The training centre of “FL Technics Training” is certified according to the requirements of EASA Part-147 and provides such training services as basic maintenance training, aircraft type training as well as other specialized training.

According to Mr. Butautis, the acquired training certificate will allow “FL Technics” to provide the entire set of services for Airbus A320 aircraft type.

Earlier this year “FL Technics” acquired EASA Part-145 certificate for Airbus A320 repair and maintenance. The first Airbus A320 aircraft is expected to arrive to the company’s hangars for service in the second quarter of 2011.

About FL Technics

FL Technics provides maintenance and repair services for civil aviation. With 15 years of experience in aircraft engine maintenance, FL Technics is a leading MRO in in Eastern Europe. FL Technics is part of Avia Solutions Group.

More on FL Technics: www.fltechnics.com