Avia Solutions Group Among the Best Aviation Services Companies in Russia

Avia Solutions Group was awarded for the performance of the group-owned maintenance and repair company FL Technics.

Board Chairman of Avia Solutions Group Gediminas Ziemelis was elected “Person of the Year” in the field of aircraft maintenance. Additionally, Avia Solutions Group was awarded for the performance of the group-owned maintenance and repair company FL Technics.

The titles were assigned by an influential Russian aviation website Aviaport.ru and “Vzlet” magazine, which rated major Russian aviation events and best aviation businesses of 2010.

Russian aviation experts highlighted FL Technics for aiding the adoption of Western type aircraft in the fleets of Russian and CIS airlines.

“Although Avia Solutions Group is not the largest company by Russian standards, the services provided by its companies have a direct effect on the development of aviation industry. Avia Solutions Group contributes to a more rapid development of the aircraft fleet, training of required staff and proper maintenance of Western types aircraft”, states Aviaport.ru.

“We have more than 20 years experience in the field of Western aircraft maintenance and are pleased to employ this expertise in the vast Russian market. Over the past years we achieved that about 50 percent of work is carried out in Vilnius hangars, while the rest is done across our line station network in Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy and Poland. Spare parts for our clients are supplied from 3 central warehouses. Currently the company employs specialists from 14 countries. We occupy up to 30 percent market share in certain aviation service segments. The number of Western aircraft in Russia is growing, so does the need for all relevant infrastructure. Companies in Russia and CIS are in high demand for aircraft maintenance services, pilot, crew and technical training, as well as certified aviation personnel“, commented Gediminas Ziemelis, Board Chairman of Avia Solutions Group.

According to G. Ziemelis, Avia Solutions Group develops its capabilities so it can service all most popular aircraft in Russia and CIS countries.

FL Technics currently provides base maintenance services for Boeing 737 CL, Boeing 737 NG, Boeing 757 and SAAB 340 and 2000 aircraft. This year, Airbus A320 family was added to the service capability list. In 2011 FL Technics is planning to obtain up to 30 different licenses for new maintenance, engineering support and technical training services.

In addition to maintenance companies, Aviaport.ru and “Vzlet” magazine also rated airline companies and civil aviation authorities, airports, aircraft manufacturers and other aviation businesses.

About Avia Solutions Group

Avia Solutions Group offers integrated aviation service solutions. The group includes leading aviation service companies operating in the markets of Russia and CIS as well as Poland, Estonia, Italy, UK and other western European countries. Trading of Avia Solutions Group shares is to begin in Warsaw Stock Exchange early this spring.

FL Technics provides comprehensive aircraft maintenance and repair services. Over 50 airlines from Russia, CIS and Western Europe are our clients. Every year, FL Technics delivers up to 200 thousand line maintenance hours and over 2500 spare parts and components to its customers. Instructors of FL Technics Training training centre trains over 1,300 specialists, while the engineering and planning group accompanies more than 50 aircraft.

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