Dallas Airmotive Global Support Network Expands Coverage For Honeywell Engine and APU Products

Dallas, Texas…February 24, 2011…BBA Aviation Engine Repair and Overhaul (ERO) company Dallas Airmotive has received authorization from Honeywell Aerospace to supply turbofan engine and APU support services for the Asia Pacific region. Included will be Major Periodic Inspection (MPI) services on TFE731, engines, and line authorizations on CFE738 and HTF7000 engines and APUs (36 series, RE100, RE220).

The Asia Pacific region encompasses the area from Midway Island in the Pacific to Western India and includes China and Australia.

Dallas Airmotive is planning to expand its existing in-region field support currently based in Bangalore, India by adding mobile response teams in Singapore, Hong Kong and eastern Australia during 2011. An MPI shop for TFE731 inspections is planned to open in Singapore during January 2012.

“The growing use of business aviation in the Asia Pacific region indicates to us it’s the right time to establish a greater physical presence there,” commented Hugh McElroy, President of BBA Aviation Engine Repair and Overhaul Group. “We have operated an extensive network of sales representatives in the region for more than a decade, and have likewise been increasing the number of local service representatives. Our opening of a facility in Singapore’s Seletar airport is part of a natural progression of our service support that will also expand our engineering and operational capability by introducing a highly qualified network presence into Asia Pacific in response to operator needs.”

“Field service personnel from our U.S. operations, experienced in Honeywell products, will be assigned immediately to Dallas Airmotive Seletar until we fully staff our Asia Pacific organization during the months ahead,” continued McElroy. “We will leverage our comprehensive parts inventory, component repair, technical and engineering capabilities to provide support excellence in the region.”

Our Asia Pacific mobile response services will coordinate activities through Dallas Airmotive’s F1RST SUPPORT global technology headquartered in Dallas, Texas. A regional F1RST SUPPORT center will be created in Singapore later this year that will utilize satellite based technology to enable Dallas Airmotive to track aircraft, engines, assets and personnel via GPS and quickly respond to customer AOG requirements as well as scheduled maintenance events. Response time from first call to customer contact is typically under 15 minutes and repair teams are dispatched within 24 hours when on-site service is needed.

Dallas Airmotive is also expanding its Latin American authorized engine and APU service offerings for Honeywell powered Gulfstream, Dassault, Hawker and Bombardier aircraft in the region. “We see a definitive need for additional engine and APU services in the Latin American region,” stated McElroy. “This is especially true for operators of multiple aircraft types. Through our existing Dallas Airmotive facility in Belo Horizonte we will respond to this need. We anticipate this will bring a significant advantage to Latin American operators and will likewise introduce a broader network of support for engine and APU services into the region.”

For more information, please visit www.bbaaviation.com.