Accord Technology Receives FAA Production Approval for NexNav mini GPS WAAS Class Beta-1

Anchorage, AK – Accord Technology, LLC (Heli-Expo Booth # 1710) has reached another milestone for the NexNav™ mini GPS WAAS Class Beta-1 with their recent announcement of FAA Production Approval. This leading edge Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) GPS is an affordable breakthrough that will lead worldwide adoption of ADS-B on all civil platforms, from gliders and light sport aircraft through commercial air transport as well as the ideal solution for Unmanned Aerial Systems and airport surface vehicles.

The first GPS WAAS sensor to be authorized US FAA TSO-C145c from Accord’s Anchorage, Alaska office, the NexNav mini GPS technology is simply the most advanced in the world with its small credit card size and global compatibility with Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) solutions such as EGNOS in Europe, MTSAT in Japan, and GAGAN in India.

“This is another big step for us and we are thrilled to have the FAA clear us for the NexNav mini production,” stated Hal Adams, Chief Operating Officer for Accord Technologies, LLC. “We are off to the races now and will begin delivering the units immediately while continuing our work to finalize the NexNav MAX GPS WAAS Class Beta-1,-2,-3 authorization in the next few months,” added Adams.

About NexNav mini

NexNav mini is a low power, small (3.5”X2”X0.6”) form factor US FAA certifiable GPS-SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) receiver Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) form factor that can be embedded into host avionics or at the heart of our NexNav Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) for stand-alone applications with general aviation or ARINC interfaces.

The NexNav mini is designed specifically to meet the requirements of US FAA TSO-C145c Class Beta-1 only and is the enabling technology for several key applications including, but not limited to:

• Primary means of navigation

• Oceanic, en-route, terminal, and LNAV approach phases of flight

• Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)

• Constant descent approach

• High accuracy, fastest update moving map

• Inertial aiding

• Current and advanced TAWS

• Advanced ATM

• Required navigation performance enhancements

About Accord Technology

Newly headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Accord Technology, LLC is a joint venture of Accord Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India, and NexGen Avionics, LLC of Star, Idaho that delivers technically advanced and affordable GPS solutions. Accord leverages their proven Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) knowledge and experience employed in the development of the first and, to date, the only GPS sensor to be authorized US FAA TSO-C145c. Accord Technology, LLC is the design authority and is responsible for the manufacturing, certification, support, administration and business development associated with this GNSS business.

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About Accord Software & Systems

Accord Software and Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a market driven, technology-centric software and systems company with a focus in aerospace, GNSS, embedded, and wireless enterprise domains. It provides solutions and services to customers worldwide, including client programs on the AIRBUS A380, A350, A400M and Boeing B787 Dreamliner. Accord’s GNSS receiver technology is already being used in numerous automotive and aerospace applications. Accord is a winner of the First National Award for Entrepreneurship from the President of India.

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