1st VIP EC 145 Delivered with Cabin Management System

March 6th, 2011 - HELI-EXPO - Flight Display Systems (booth #3723) announced at HELI-EXPO that American Eurocopter has successfully installed and delivered the first Eurocopter EC 145 with a Select Cabin Management System (Select CMS). VIP passengers can now control XM Radio, Blu-ray video, cabin lighting, air conditioning, and a Flight Display Moving Map from the comfort of their seats.

Flight Display Systems delivered the following components for use in this aircraft:

• 4.3” VIP Touchscreen Control Panels

• Blu-ray and DVD Player

• Flight Display Moving Map

• 10.2” Widescreen LCD with Ceiling Mount

• 6 Genre Music Player

“This aircraft is a culmination of our production and completion capabilities at American Eurocopter,” said Marc Paganini, American Eurocopter President and CEO. “It is a beautiful aircraft inside and out and it demonstrates our ability to work with our customers to provide them with the best products and services in the market.”

“Helicopter passengers expect the same comforts during flight that they have in their automobiles, such as live flight tracking and in-flight entertainment,” said David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems. “It was a pleasure to work with American Eurocopter on this project,”

For more information about this installation, contact Paul D. Peterson at American Eurocopter at +1- 972-641-3749 or Jay Healey at Flight Display Systems at +1 (702) 361-0958.