Enrollment in K-State's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Class Taking Off

Most of the students in the class are professional pilot majors, a few are majoring in aviation maintenance, and some are focusing solely on unmanned aircraft systems.

The unmanned aircraft systems program office is operated by K-State's Applied Aviation Research Center. The center's charter is to advance aerospace technology through the application of research capabilities in propulsion, airframe, avionics and aviation training. The program office collaborates with military organizations and the private sector to focus on developing unmanned flight in the nation's airspace and training pilots and operators of unmanned aerial systems.

K-State also establishes criteria for unmanned aircraft system flight operations, including activity at the Smoky Hill Weapons Range, and eventually at the Herington unmanned aerial system flight facility. The university's program office establishes policies and procedures to enable both military and civilian organizations to fly and test at the area facilities.

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