International Landing Gear Workshop, Conducted by BOEING at TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil Begins Today

Rio de Janeiro, March 21, 2011 – Now in its sixth edition, the International Landing Gear Workshop held by Boeing, at TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil facilities (TAP M&E Brazil), brings together customers of both companies for a discussion regarding Boeing’s most recent technological advances in the area of Landing Gear maintenance. These innovations, or even constant refresher courses for maintenance practices already in effect, are formalized via engineering documents, during the day-to-day manufacturer/operator relationship. However, the practical application of these procedures is significantly enriched by these seminars that Boeing holds, worldwide.

TAP M&E Brazil, which is the leader in Latin America, in the aviation MRO – Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul segment, invited Boeing to hold the Workshop in its facilities, since the Company has more than 50 customers that operate airplanes by this manufacturer, and who need landing gear maintenance. With more than 80 years of experience, TAP M&E Brazil is certified by the primary aviation agencies, such as ANAC (Brazil), FAA (U.S.), and EASA (U.E.), to repair and overhaul landing gear of practically all Boeing’s aircraft (727, 737, 737NG, 747, 767, DC10, MD11, and BBJ), of several Airbus models, Embraer and ATR, as well as the C-130, F5 and KC-135 military planes.

For four days, professionals from the technical staff of TAP M&E Brazil (mechanics, technicians, and engineers), from Brazilian and International airlines, such as TAM, Webjet, GOL, VRG, LAN Airlines (Chile), Aerolíneas Argentinas, among others, will discuss subjects specifically for this area, such as: mechanization, galvanization processes, non-destructive inspections, improvements in the maintenance and assembly processes, and others. The fourth day will end the Seminar with a visit to the Company’s landing gear and plating shops, component shops and hangars.

Given the complexity and extensive nature of the subject, Boeing sent speakers form several areas related to landing gear maintenance: Steven Haggerty (Fluid-Mechanical Systems – large aircraft), Ricky Lewis (Single Aisle Landing Gear Systems - wheels/tires/brakes), Warren Malkowicz (Single Aisle Landing Gear Structures), Dennis Volosin (Twin Aisle Landing Gear Structures), and Michael Ware (Finishes, Materials and Processes).

This Seminar took place for the first time in 1991 and, adding the five previous editions, more than 300 professionals have already been trained or retrained. Once again, this year, the Workshop will be held at the Maintenance Center in Porto Alegre, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, where TAP M&E Brazil has its complex of aeronautical shops, including the landing gear shop, which has performed maintenance on more than 2,500 of these components. With this initiative, TAP M&E Brazil, which is part of the Boeing Business Service, seeks to improve even more its operational practices for landing gears and, thus, fully serving its customers with excellence.