Increased Voter Participation Selects AEA Board Members

RENO, Nev., March 22, 2011 - The number of voters casting ballots during the AEA's annual board of directors' election increased 15 percent from the general election held in 2010. For the first time, the election took place exclusively online through the AEA's website and concluded Feb. 11.

Pursuant to the bylaws of the AEA, an election for open positions on the AEA board of directors will take place on an annual basis. This year, the members of the AEA Trusteeship Committee presented 11 candidates for five open director positions for the term of March 2011 to March 2014.

The five candidates elected to serve include:

• Gary Harpster, Duncan Aviation

• Jeanne Rau-Flattery, Millennium International/Aero Express

• Matt Fowle, Mid-Continent Instruments West

• Rick Ochs, Spirit Avionics

• Gary Picou, PS Engineering

Harpster currently serves as the vice chairman of the board, and Rau-Flattery is treasurer.

Note: AEA Canada, South Pacific and Europe members also vote for their own candidate; however, those positions were filled for this term.