International Communications Group Pursuing STC for Sora System with Landmark Aviation

They are working to obtain a STC from the FAA to install a version of the Sora advanced voice and data satellite communications system on Bombardier Challenger 600 series aircraft.

Sora gives the flight crew a global voice Satcom system that can serve as an alternative to a second High Frequency (HF) radio, a system that is compliant with the emerging requirements of the NextGen safety services. On transoceanic flights, a reliable communications channel can mean the difference between completing a trip or encountering a diversion or turn back.

About ICG (

International Communications Group, Inc. (ICG) of Newport News, Va., is a recognized leader within the aerospace industry, in the development and manufacture of aeronautical communications systems and solutions for the General Aviation and Air Transport industries. ICG’s products provide satellite-based global voice and data telecommunications services for both cabin requirements and flight deck operations. ICG avionics provide comprehensive communications solutions that can be customized for any size airframe or application. Products include: CTU systems, corded and cordless handsets, single- and multi-channel Iridium systems and data management devices. Markets for ICG products are the aerospace, military and maritime industries. ICG, a major Iridium value-added manufacturer (VAM) and value-added reseller (VAR), has developed a wide range of Iridium-based solutions and products for mobile satellite communications applications. ICG is an approved FAA manufacturing facility and operates an FAA approved repair station.

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