Aspen Avionics Receives Brazilian STC

Reno, NV, March 23, 2011: Aspen Avionics, manufacturer of the innovative Evolution Flight Display system, announced today that the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil has expanded the Brazilian Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to include the EFD1000 Multi-function Flight Display (MFD), the EFD500 MFD, the EFD1000C3 Pro Primary Flight Display (PFD), and the EA100 Attitude-based Autopilot Adapter. The Brazilian validation of the Federal Aviation Administration STC also includes the most current Approved Model List (AML) of over 900 aircraft, including larger Class III aircraft. Previously the Brazilian STC only applied to the EFD1000 PFDs.

The benefit to Brazil-based owners and operators is that now all aircraft registered in Brazil that fall under Aspen’s AML have an approval path to install or expand Aspen’s feature-rich glass cockpit solution.

The Aspen Evolution Flight Display System is an affordable, expandable and upgradable PFD, MFD and hazard sensor cockpit solution for general aviation aircraft. Highly compatible with existing aircraft avionics, the flexible Evolution Flight Display System lets aircraft owners install all Evolution Flight Displays and options at once, or separately, as their needs and budgets permit.

“This expanded approval is great news for Brazilian owners and operators who can now benefit from the full line of PFDs and MFDs we offer,” said Aspen’s Vice President of Marketing Brad Hayden. “Aspen will continue its efforts to work with aviation authorities to expand Evolution Flight Display availability on a global level.”