CRS Jet Spares Visits Hong Kong for Asian Aerospace

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (March 22, 2011) – CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, is reaching across the world to evaluate the need for services in the Asian business aviation market.

“We have many good relationships in the region and have been conducting business on a regular basis in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, and mainland China,” stated CRS Founder & CEO, Armando Leighton, Jr.

During recent participation in Asian Aerospace in Hong Kong and much discussion of new aircraft sales, CRS seized the opportunity of being in the region to get a clearer picture of Asian business aviation community. “We are an aftermarket support company that focuses on out of production, non-warranty legacy airframes,” explains event attendee and CRS Vice President of Sales and Operations, Jack Caloras. “Therefore, our goal at this show, in part, is to determine the most effective location for our Asian expansion goals.”

On the International stage the company is targeting regions that have a current fleet of these legacy or classic airframes as they have become to be known and in Asia CRS is focusing attention on this existing and growing market primarily centered in Southeast Asia, but which also reaches out to India and Australia. As a result of its visits to the region, the groundwork is being laid to become a much more active participant in the community particularly in the market of Lear 35s-55s-60s, Hawker 800s, Challenger 601 and 604 as well as GIII and GIVs in the region.

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CRS Jet Spares:

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