CFI and Airplane Owner Wins King Schools’ 35th Anniversary Sweepstakes – Prize Package Includes Alaskan Seaplane Rating and Bush Flying Vacation

Lakeland, FL, March 31, 2011 — Today, at Sun ‘n Fun, John and Martha King of King Schools announced that Rodney Mullinax of Texico, Illinois is the winner of their 35th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Rodney takes home a package of prizes that includes an Alaskan seaplane flying vacation.

Rodney and his wife Jana, a student pilot herself, will travel on an all-expenses paid trip to Alaska Floats and Skis in Talkeetna where Rodney will earn his Seaplane Rating and also take a bush flying course. He will also receive a Redbird TD simulator, plus a KING Get-It-All Kit.

“We can’t imagine a better winner. Rodney is a passionate pilot, airplane owner and CFI and he loves learning new things about flying,” John King commented. “The course that he took that qualified him to win the sweepstakes was our High Altitude Endorsement Ground Training Course. When I asked him if he was planning on flying at high altitude soon, he said ‘No, I just like learning about this stuff’,’’ continued John. “Fulfilling his dream of earning his seaplane rating will be an over-the-top thrill for him … and Jana will be able to accelerate her training to be a pilot with a King Private Pilot Get-It-All Kit,” added Martha. “The Redbird TD simulator will really keep this flying family’s pilot skills sharp,” concluded John.

“King Schools has helped me succeed as a pilot from Private through CFI, and beyond,” noted Rodney, “and winning the sweepstakes is a dream come true.” “It is a huge pleasure to help this flying couple get even more fun out of their flying,” said Martha.

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