TKS Flight Into Known Icing Approved for Bonanza G36s

A full tank of ice protection fluid provides up to 2.5 hours of continuous ice protection.

A significant advantage to the pilot is the simple operation of the system. Just turn the system “ON” when icing is encountered and “OFF” when leaving the icing condition . Only one choice of operation exists for the pilot when using the system: NORMAL or MAXIMUM mode. Using the NORMAL mode in typical icing conditions, a protective film of glycol prevents the formation of ice. In heavier icing conditions or cases of accumulated ice, the MAXIMUM mode increases the system flow rate to shed ice. A significant feature of both modes is the elimination of runback ice.

About CAV Aerospace

CAV delivers TKS™ ice protection systems to leading aircraft manufacturers and provides retrofit installations to after-market aircraft customers. CAV Aerospace, Inc. is headquartered in North America at the SLN Aviation Service Center on the Salina Airport in Kansas. CAV’s customer base includes a number of aircraft manufacturers and more than 6,000 aircraft owners who fly their products, including: Cessna Aircraft, Cirrus Design Corporation, Commander Premier Aircraft, Diamond Aircraft, General Atomic, Hawker Beechcraft, Mooney Aircraft, Piper Aircraft, Quest Aircraft, and Socata EADS.

CAV Aerospace Inc. is the North American subsidiary of CAV Aerospace Ltd., a global Super Tier 1 Supplier. The parent company has manufacturing centers in Consett, Leicester, and Wales, in the UK, and in Poland. It also has offices in Poland, and Manchester, UK.

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