Free Online Program from Sporty's Helps You Manage Your Airplane

Sporty's has launched a new online service to help aircraft owners manage the details of their airplane. Sporty's Plane Manager is an online system that tracks scheduling, maintenance, expenses and usage of general aviation aircraft.

“We're proud to offer this powerful program to aircraft owners for free, as a way to make owning an airplane even more fun,” says Sporty's Vice President John Zimmerman. “This is a complete system—not a trial version or a demo.”

Sporty's Plane Manager is free for single-owner airplanes and can be upgraded to work equally well for multi-owner airplanes. In fact, Sporty's Plane Manager makes tracking of expenses and responsibilities far easier for co-owners than it would be otherwise. With Sporty's Plane Manager, all owners of an airplane can be kept informed of every detail of the airplane's operation.

“Our goal at ShareZen is to make handling the administrative duties of aircraft ownership easier so that the aircraft owner's time is freed up to concentrate on their real passion — flying,” says Drew Bernard, Co-Founder of ShareZen. “We developed ShareZen from our own experiences of owning and sharing an airplane, a boat and two vacation homes. Tapping into the wisdom of Sporty's has allowed us to make managing an aircraft easier and more worry-free than ever.”

Among the tasks Sporty's Plane Manager takes are: online scheduling (including with passengers, CFIs and A&Ps); managing a to-do list; tracking maintenance events; setting automatic reminders for oil changes or other checks; building a robust logbook with detailed journal entries and photos; and keeping track of all the contacts and documentation present that comes with aircraft ownership.

“Over the years, we have evaluated dozens of computer-based systems for aircraft management and this product is the most useful, pilot-friendly one we've seen,” added Zimmerman.

Sporty's Plane Manager is completely web-based, so pilots can access their important information anywhere an internet connection is available — there is no software to install. It's also optimized for mobile devices, so you can access it quickly from your favorite handheld or tablet such as your iPhone or iPad.

Sporty's Plane Manager may be accessed free of charge at Additional users and storage can be added, if desired, at a low monthly cost.

About Sporty's: Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, Sporty's has grown from a one-man operation launched by Hal Shevers to the world's largest pilot shop and an iconic general aviation brand. Sporty's operations extend to airport management, avionics installation and repair, aircraft maintenance, a residential airport community, new aircraft sales and flight training, including for the University of Cincinnati's professional pilot program. Located at Clermont County/Sporty's Airport (I69), Sporty's is philanthropically dedicated to expanding the general aviation community with both pilots and skilled technicians.