STG Aerospace Announces Fleet-Wide Order for WEPPS and SafTGlo System

The US-based charter airline North American Airlines, Inc., has ordered WEPPS kits for its fleet of B767-300 and B757-200 aircraft.

26 April 2011. STG Aerospace, Inc. has received a fleet-fit order for its SafTGlo and Wireless Emergency Primary Power System (WEPPS™) from North American Airlines, Inc., a subsidiary of Global Aviation Holdings Inc.

The US-based charter airline has ordered WEPPS kits for its fleet of B767-300 and B757-200 aircraft and has also ordered STG’s market-leading SafTGlo™ system fleet-wide.

Douglas Nowinski, president of STG Aerospace, Inc. the US subsidiary of STG Aerospace Ltd. said: “We’re delighted that North American Airlines has recognised the benefits of both WEPPS and SafTGlo for their entire fleet. Both systems offer ‘win-win’ solutions; maintenance is virtually eliminated while reliability is increased, reducing costs by tens of thousands of dollars on each aircraft.”

WEPPS reduces operating costs by eliminating the emergency lighting system’s entire maintenance schedule. The system replaces conventional NiCd battery/charger packs with TSO approved ‘fit-for-life’ non-rechargeable batteries. The WEPPS diagnostic panel monitors the entire emergency lighting system from a single point and identifies any faults within ten seconds.

SafTGlo PL floorpath marking systems complement WEPPS by further reducing maintenance and cutting costs. The PL technology ‘stores’ and emits light giving highly visible emergency exit guidance for up to 16 hours in darkness, after a short period of ‘charging’ with normal cabin lighting.

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